NewTracks Kids

NewTracks Kids is our targeted children's music version of our regular NewTracks compilation. It is an online monthly compilation of new songs from local children's musicians that NZ On Air distributes to radio stations, broadcast, streaming and online media throughout Aotearoa, in the hopes to get more local music featured on their platforms.

NewTracks is distributed digitally at the beginning of each month; we no longer offer a physical disc (previously called the Kiwi Hit Disc between 1989 to 2011).
The song does not need to be funded by NZ On Air - both funded and non-funded songs are included each month. To find out more about the music funding we have available, click here.
To be considered for inclusion you need to be completely ready to release your song within the month of the compilation and you will need all assets ready to go.

For the initial application you will need:

An MP3 of your song
Cover image art in JPEG or PNG to go alongside your song 
Release information and artist background information to help promote the song
• If your song is successful, we will ask you to upload a high quality WAV file of your song, as well as a high quality press image of the artist/band applying

Recommended Release Dates:

The recommended release dates for the November 2024 compilation is for any singles released between 1st June - 31st December 2024. Your song will need to be within these dates to be eligible to apply.
For NewTracks Kids, we will accept a minimum of two songs for each artist, so you can apply for more than one song if you have had more than one released during the above recommended release date period.

2024 NewTracks Kids dates and deadlines:

The next NewTracks round will open for applications on Tuesday 1 October 2024.

May compilation – Round open Tuesday 2 April | Deadline Monday 15 April
• November compilation – Round open Tuesday 1 October | Deadline Tuesday 15 October

For further information on New Music Kids funding, please head to our website here.


If you want to submit a track for consideration for the next NewTracks Kids compilation, go here.

Applications are currently closed.

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